Blackwatch was the covert operations arm of Overwatch. It operated under the radar and beyond the reach of any red tape.

Blackwatch's existence was kept a secret from the public, but there were always rumors of Overwatch carrying out black ops missions.[1] As Overwatch's influence waned, people within Blackwatch sought to bring down its parent organization and turn it to their own ends.[2] In Overwatch's final years, two decades after the Omnic Crisis, Blackwatch was revealed, along with allegations of corruption, weapons proliferation, assassination, coercion, kidnapping, and human rights abuses such as torture.[3] Governments called on the United Nations to put an end to the "aggressive and repeated violations of many countries' sovereignty."[1] This led a special UN committee to launch a lengthy and secretive investigation, which eventually led to the dismantlement of Overwatch, and therefore Blackwatch.[3]

Years afterward, McCree noted that tactics used by Talon seemed to be based on those used by Blackwatch, and one of the Talon soldiers recognized McCree, implying a connection between the two organizations.[4]

Known MembersEdit