Music, is the reading of life’s subtle ebb and flow.
Guilia Ricci is an Italian musician who wants to spread peace and happiness through her music.


Early lifeEdit

A talented Harp player, Guilia Ricci had traveled all over the world by the age of seventeen, and seen firsthand the horrors of the omnic crisis. She inherently distrusts omnics because of this, and looks only to bring the best for humanity.

Conflict with VishkarEdit

After realizing that the Vishkar Corporation, which she threw a lot of money into, was up to no good. She pulled all investments with Vishkar, and hired some cast-off scientists from Vishkar to create a form of Musical Instrument that could heal people through sound. After some time, a way was found. Now, Guilia Ricci is on the start of her biggest music tour yet, and hopes to restore hope as she goes.


  • The character of Guilia Ricci was created by Worldsoul.