Jaxon "Jax" Phillips was a young soldier and a newly recruited member of Overwatch. Shortly after the recall, Jax was recruited by Overwatch after seeing his ability of immense strength and quick recovery no matter the circumstances of his wounds. He trained under the various soldiers that had returned so far.


Early lifeEdit

Jaxon Phillips was born in Los Angeles, California to Kaleb Phillips, a chief in the Los Angeles Police Department, and Jessie Phillips. As a child, he idolized Jack Morrison and the saviors of the Omnic Crisis, Overwatch. He aspired to one day become a soldier, however, he knew the risks that were involved in that field of work. After his father past away from cancer, Jessie, decided to move the whole family to San Diego to start over. However, the move took most of their money and was going to take some time for them to catch up. As he got older, Jax struggled to keep a steady job.