Energia limpia para todo Mexico.
LumériCo is an energy company that constructs power plants across Mexico. The final point on Dorado is inside the largest of these plants.[1]

LumériCo was founded with a mission, to provide Mexico with a modern infrastructure network through clean energy and Internet access for the entire country at an affordable price. We provide our services to communities throughout Mexico and we are committed to secure the connection to all people. We work every day to activate additional parts of the country to the national grid. When completed, is expected that LumériCo will operate the world's largest energy and Internet network.[1]

Known MembersEdit

  • Guillermo Portero - CEO (formerly)
  • Rodrigo Mendoza - Executive Assistant
  • María Jiménez - Chief of Security
  • Ángel Burciaga - Physical Security Specialist
  • Gabriela Moyano - Chief Technology Officer
  • José Leones - Chief Networking Engineer
  • Yolanda Mejía - Shipping Manager
  • Gonzalo Flores
  • Pedro Muñoz
  • Valeria Valderrama
  • Juan Esparza
  • Teresa Obregón


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