Overwatch is gone, but its ideals still remain.
Alyssa Vansmith (call sign: "Midnight") is a Deputy Strike Commander of the peacekeeping organization, Overwatch.


Early lifeEdit

Alyssa Vansmith is the last known person to be affected by the Soldier Enhancement Program. She was raised by an unknown corporation who wanted to turn her into a weapon. However, she was rescued by Overwatch who took her in and allowed her to join their ranks.


As she got older, she became an effective member of the peacekeeping organization. She was regarded as the second highest ranking female officer in Overwatch, second in rank only to Ana Amari. With a keen grasp of tactics and battlefield morale, the shock of her "death" was the start of Overwatch's fall.

During an infiltration mission against Talon, Vansmith was captured and imprisoned by the terrorist organization, often getting tortured and interrogated for information. Vansmith befriended Amélie Lacroix, wife of Overwatch agent Gérard Lacroix, sometime during her captivity. She managed to escape her captors with her mind intact and no knowledge of Overwatch's destruction. She is currently trying to adjust to her surroundings and find a place. Taking up a mercenary life, she constantly wanders, searching for a place she belongs.