Some people think they can outsmart me. Maybe... maybe. I have yet to meet one that can outsmart bullet.
Mikhail Alekseyevich Izmailov (Russian: Михаил Алексе́евич Измайлов), also known as "Misha", is a towering hulk of a man hailing from the Dzhugdzhur Mountains in the far east of Siberia. He served as a soldier in the Russian Defense Forces.


Mikhail Izmailov was born on June 18, 2031 in the far east of Siberia. His father was a "counter-revolutionary" who was executed during the Omnic Crisis, while his mother, sisters and himself were sent to an Omnic-run Internment facility in September 2041. The Internment facility was destroyed and all prisoners escaped in December of the same year.

During the summer of 2068, Mikhail was one of many mercenaries to be recruited by the Russian Defense Forces to continue to seize the land back from the omnics. Mikhail was supplied with various weaponry from Volskaya Industries, one of which was his mini-gun he affectionately named "Tanya". Mikhail's mini-gun can inflict heavy damage at a high rate of fire, allowing him to mow down an army of omnics in seconds.


  • Mikhail Izmailov is a reimagining of the Team Fortress 2 character Heavy.
  • The name "Mikhail" is Heavy Weapons Guy's real name.