Overwatch was founded 30 years before the present day with aims of stopping the Omnics and putting an end to the Omnic Crisis. After the Crisis, the organization evolved into a global peacekeeping force and an engine for innovation, making advances in scientific fields ranging from space exploration to medical research.

Known MembersEdit

Original Strike Team (Founders)Edit

  • Jack Morrison: A member of the USA's Soldier Enhancement Program, Morrison was promoted to Strike Commander after the Omnic Crisis and became a public icon for Overwatch.
  • Gabriel Reyes: A member of the USA's Soldier Enhancement Program, a veteran, and friend of Morrison, who was the first leader of Overwatch in the Omnic Crisis and later came to lead Blackwatch.
  • Ana Amari: An expert sniper from Egypt. She later became second-in-command behind Morrison. She was presumed to be dead in a hostage rescue operation.
  • Torbjörn Lindholm: An expert weapons designer from Sweden, once a member of Ironclad Guild. After the Omnic Crisis, Lindholm had continued to develop new technology along with design and produce weapons for Overwatch. His call sign in Overwatch is Torbjörn.
  • Reinhardt Wilhelm: A decorated German soldier and a Crusader. Wilhelm had continued to be a frontline soldier for Overwatch after the Omnic Crisis until his fifties when he faced mandatory retirement. His call sign in Overwatch is Reinhardt.
  • Liao: No information about this person, except for their last name.


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