These lawless scum will face justice!
Raymond Judge is the leader of Strike Team Mythos, and a hero of Overwatch.


Raymond Judge was once the sheriff of Liberty City. He hunted down criminals, and corrupt cops who fought against the law. However, when the Omnic Crisis happened and Overwatch came to light, Judgement had no choice but to join, becoming one of Overwatch's most cunning members, and one of its original. He is the current leader of Strike Team Mythos, the secret security force. Judgement shows a hatred towards Blackwatch, as he doesn't trust any of them at all, and well aware of their motives.

When Overwatch fell, he left to return to defend Liberty City, and he hid any former Overwatch members in that town, and with the help of Strike Team Mythos, formed the town's police force. At last, he was at peace. However, when recall happens, and with Talon on the loose, he must rejoin his team, reform Strike Team Mythos, and work with Overwatch, one last time.


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  • Raymond Judge is based on the nameless character "Judgement". He was created by HeroicGaming.