Aidan William Sampson (call sign: "Sampson") was a former soldier in the United States military and an elite field agent in Overwatch. He was one of the only survivors in the disaster known as the Champlain Raid.


Aidan William Sampson was born in Los Angeles. He enlisted in the United States military, where he achieved a senior enlisted position. Shortly after the Omnic Crisis, Sampson was recruited in the international peacekeeping organization, Overwatch. He proved to be a valued asset to the Overwatch Strike team and was awarded various medals by his superior, Deputy Strike Commander Vansmith.

During the Champlain Raid, all the members of the strike team were killed except Sampson, with Vansmith staying behind to let Sampson get out. Beside himself with remorse and wishing that he had died too, Sampson resigned from Overwatch and became a drunken wreck. A decade later, he received a visit from the presumed-dead Deputy Strike Commander Vansmith who convinced him to get his act together and fight for hope once more.


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  • The character of Sampson was created by Worldsoul.