If I ever see that Clint Eastwood lookin' motherfucker again, I'll put a bullet between his eyes myself.

Silas Sewell, also known as Sungazer Sewell, is a notorious criminal and one of the leaders of the Deadlock Gang. He is the uncle of Marius and Phineas Sewell. Silas is known to have business ties with Talon.


Silas spent the majority of his life as a devoted member of the Deadlock Gang. It is implied that he and his younger brother were very distant and did not get along very well. While Silas ascended within the ranks of the weapon trafficking organization, his younger brother settled down and started a family. A few years later, Silas' brother and sister-in-law were found dead in their home in Tucson, Arizona. Silas became the guardian of his newly orphaned nephews — Marius and Phineas.

Silas raised the two boys to be members of the Deadlock Gang, teaching them how to traffic weapons and scraps from various omniums. When Silas heard the news of Jesse McCree's betrayal and Marius' imprisonment, he vowed to kill McCree on the spot if he ever saw him again.

Exchange with TalonEdit

During a weapons exchange with Talon at a secluded location outside of Phoenix, Silas and a number of his men, including Lester and his nephew Phineas, met with Talon agent, Jordan Hawkins. Unexpectedly, Hawkins was alone with the exception of a mysterious hooded man in black.