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Levi Escarrá, also known as "Zero", is a Puerto Rican explorer and archeologist. He is a member of a mysterious organization called The Children.


Early lifeEdit

Levi Escarrá was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. From a young age he was fascinated with otherworldly stories and mythologies, but in the wake of the Second Omnic Crisis, nobody else did. As a result, he had no friends growing up. Due to having no friends growing up, he grew sad and depressed, yet nonetheless the tales of great beings still fascinated him. He eventually decided to do something about it.

He spent many years creating various small orb-like omnics he called "Dronies". He not only created them as a way to have friends, but they are each a walking encyclopedia, containing knowledge of one culture's mythology each. The pouch on his back can carry and power up to 3 dronies at a time, but he has at least 8. Each drony can also fire small lasers that damage opponents and give Zero or anyone in his vicinity some sort of boost.

  • Uno: Contains knowledge on Inca and Mayan mythology and can increase/recover shield.
  • Ni: Contains knowledge on Japanese mythology and can increase movement speed.
  • Talatah: Contains knowledge on Middle Eastern mythology and can increase damage dealt by attacks.

Eventually Zero ran away from home to research various mythologies under the belief that ancient knowledge held the key to some sort of apocalyptic device. He eventually helped form "The Children", a group dedicated to putting a stop to the people using ancient knowledge for their own personal gain.


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